TAMPEP's pan-European network collaborates in the production of resources for sex workers and services providers. Recently launched products are listed here. Please check our resources library and training manuals for more useful materials.

TAMPEP on the situation of national and migrant sex workers in Europe today INDOORS gaol is to carry out an analysis of the working and living conditions of female sex workers in nine cities. Capacity Building and Awareness Raising Equal Rights INDOORS Outreach Report Pictures of a Reality

Briefing paper | JULY 2015
Briefing paper GERM | JULY 2015
Briefing paper GERM. At | JULY 2015
Briefing paper ESP | JULY 2015
Briefing paper ESP | PORT 2015
TAMPEP on the situation of national and migrant sex workers in Europe today

New resources on indoor sex work

Capacity Building and Awareness Raising
A European Guide for the empowerment of sex workers.
The guide is available in English.

Equal Rights
An advocacy video, available in 16 languages

INDOORS Outreach Report
A report based on the mapping of the indoor sector in nine European cities.
The report is available in English

Pictures of a Reality
Sex workers talk about their life and work experiences within the indoor sex work setting in nine European cities.
The book is available in English.

These resources are the results of activities and methodologies developed locally by nine partners in nine European countries:
  • Agência Piaget para o Desenvolvimento in Porto | Portugal
  • Autres Regards in Marseille | France
  • Comitato per I Diritti Civili delle Prostitute Onlus in Genoa | Italy
  • Health and Social Development Foundation in Sofia | Bulgaria
  • Hetaira in Madrid | Spain
  • Lefö in Vienna | Austria
  • Pro-tukipiste in Helsinki | Finland
  • Ragazza in Hamburg | Germany
  • TAMPEP International Foundation in Amsterdam | Netherlands
CONECTA Strengthening of HIV/STI interventions in sex work in Ukraine and the Russian Federation

CONECTA Strengthening of HIV/STI interventions in sex work in Ukraine and the Russian Federation

Sex Work Migration and Health

Sex Work Migration Health, The aim of this European report is to provide transparency about the legislation on sex work throughout Europe and its impact on the human and policy rights of sex workers, including their access to public health services. The report assesses legislation and policy developments on sex work, migration and health policies on a national and European level and includes a critical evaluation of the various approaches relating to the interrelated issues of sex work, migration and health.

Work Safe in Sex Work

The manual WORK SAFE IN SEX WORK (WSSW) has three main objectives:

  1. To present examples of good practice for health and social service providers offering care for migrant and mobile sex workers working in indoor and outdoor settings.
  2. To present examples of different experiences of HIV/STI prevention strategies and introduce and facilitate the implementation of innovative tools for specific outreach methodology, peer education,advocacy and client campaigns.
  3. To increase and expand good practice actions targeting sex workers and their clients.
Sex Work in Europe Mapping

Sex Work in Europe | a mapping of the prostitution scene in 25 European countries The Sex Work in Europe Mapping report aims to identify changing trends and tendencies in relation to sex work and the living and working conditions of female, male and transgender sex workers, including migrant sex workers.

The Sex Work in Europe Mapping report highlights how the need for substantive change has never been more pressing if we are committed to providing comprehensive services to sex workers that respectfully respond to their needs. Concrete recommendations are made throughout the report which, when taken, would vastly improve the health and well-being of national and migrant sex workers.

services4sexworkerswww.services4sexworkers.eu is a website that presents a directory of services available for sex workers in 25 European countries, and legal information regarding sex work, migration and access to health.

The website was developed by the TAMPEP project in the framework of the TAMPEP 8 programme, a European network of 26 organisations in 25 EU countries, which works with and for sex workers since 1993, and advocates for sex workers' rights.

www.services4sexworkers.eu informs sex workers, health and social workers about respectful and non-discriminatory support available across Europe.

Visit Services 4 Sex Workers.

resources4sexworkersTAMPEP is pleased to present this collection of resources under the theme of "Rights and Health". We selected examples of campaigns and resources on health and safety that have been developed by sex workers and sex worker led groups. Resources for Sex Workers' Health and Rights was produced in collaboration with the ICRSE.

Visit Resources 4 Sex Workers.