Project BLinN / TAMPEP Nederland
The overall aim of the project was to improve the integration possibilities of victims of trafficking and forced prostitution into the labour market in the Netherlands or in their country of origin.

In order to achieve this, the project included the following activities:

The Development Partnership was composed of three organisations: BLinN-Humanitas, BLinN-Novib and TAMPEP International Foundation.


TAMPEP supports a number of additional European projects. Some are sub-programs, while others are collaborations with other organisations. Short descriptions of the various projects are given below. Please refer to their respective websites for more information.

MATRA Ukraine, "Hey Girl, Take Care of Yourself"
TAMPEP ran a project in Ukraine entitled "Hey Girl, take care of yourself", in the framework of Matra Programme financed by Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affaires. The project has been carried out in cooperation with our local counter partner: Regional Salus Foundation and other national institutions.

The activities of the project were carried out at two levels:
Firstly, the regional one: in the region of Lviv, the Salus Foundation with the technical support of TAMPEP carried out a comprehensive intervention in prostitution. This intervention included: outreach work among sex workers in the region of Lviv and in the border area with the help of Mobile Unit; running of a Drop-in Centre that offers a various range of medical, social and educational services; and social mobilisation activities.

Secondly: the national one: in the second year of the project we executed a series of seminars/trainings on the national level targeted to policy makers, law enforcement functionaries, service providers and various NGOs.

For more information on this project please download this short description.

FENARETE offered sex workers the opportunity to receive professional training as peer educators and thus to join the official labour market. The project had been funded by Directorate XXII of the European Commission (Education, Training and Youth) as part of the LEONARDO DA VINCI programme, and by local sponsors. It has being coordinated by the Comitato per i Diritti Civili delle Prostitute (Committee for the Civil Rights of Prostitutes) in Italy.

The project


Femmigration was a Legal Agenda for Migrant Prostitutes and Trafficked Women on the Internet which provided up-to-date, precise information on the real situation and legal status of trafficked women and migrant sex workers in EU countries.

The project has received funding since January 2001 from Directorate A/5 (Justice and Internal Affairs) of the European Commission, as part of the DAPHNE programme 2000-2003, and from local sponsors.

The project was coordinated by the German association Amnesty for Women Städtegruppe Hamburg e.V.

Unfortunately, Femmigration was discontinued due to lack of funding. Although now out-of-date a CDRom containing much of its legal information can be ordered by contacting info@tampep.eu

Gender Street- an Equal Community Initiative Project
Equal consisted of four different national projects: LI.FE - Libertà Femminile (Female Freedom) (Italy), Strada: Recupero socio-lavorativo delle donne oggetto di tratta (Street: Social and work recovery of trafficked women) (Italy), Improving Future Job Opportunities for Victims of Trafficking in Persons (the Netherlands), and SILA - Low Threshold Access to Counselling and Qualification for Female Sex Workers (Austria). Established in 2002 they created a multi-national cooperation project, with the name of Gender Street.

For more information on this project please download this short project overview.