About Tampep

TAMPEP (European Network for HIV/STI Prevention and Health Promotion among Migrant Sex Workers) is an international networking and intervention project operating in 25 countries, including 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Its general aims are to:

  • advocate for the human and civil rights of migrant sex workers;
  • facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and good practice amongst the members;
  • and develop and implement effective strategies of health promotion and social protection amongst migrant sex workers across Europe.

The role of TAMPEP is to organise, co-ordinate, facilitate and carry out in the participating countries the activities related to the implementation of HIV/STI prevention among migrant sex workers in Europe based on TAMPEPmethodology, to train members of the network, to facilitate the participation of CEE countries, to organise lobbying and advocacy activities at national, regional and international levels, to promote and organise international forums and platforms, to carry out research concerning prostitution and migration in the countries of the network and to initiate and run projects for support of trafficked women and transgender persons in co-operation with organisations in the countries of origin based on human rights perspective.

The Coordination Centre of TAMPEP is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands at the TAMPEP International Foundation. The list of the reference addresses of the participating countries in TAMPEP Network can be found in the TAMPEP flyer and under the menu TAMPEP NETWORK.