Who we are

TAMPEP is a migrant sex worker-led network that will focus exclusively on advocacy and networking, with the aim of leveraging the network’s alliances and long legacy to make our voices heard more broadly and in more privileged spaces than ever before.

As a migrant sex worker-led network, we seek to advance the rights and health of migrant and mobile sex workers across Europe, recognising the diversity of our community as a crosscutting basis for empowerment.

TAMPEP’s principles, which are our broad advocacy goals and must be supported by all network members, are as follows:

  • We recognise sex work as work, and support the self-determination of sex workers.
  • We call for equal protection and access to health, rights, and justice for all sex workers.
  • We commit to fighting stigma, discrimination, and violence.
  • We oppose the conflation of migration, trafficking, and sex work, as well as the use of trafficking laws against migrant and mobile sex workers.
  • We commit to the inclusion of migrant and mobile sex workers at all stages and levels of policy- and decision-making.
  • We oppose the criminalisation of migration, sex work, and health status, and recognise the harmful impact of repressive measures, laws, and policies on the human rights of all sex workers.
  • We recognise the diversity within sex work, and embrace all genders, sexualities, nationalities and abilities.