What we do

TAMPEP, the European Network for the Promotion of Rights and
Health among Migrant Sex Workers, seeks to advance the rights
and health of migrant and mobile sex workers across Europe,
recognising their diversity as a crosscutting basis for empowerment.


TAMPEP Network:
  1. Support local and national advocacy through position papers and other forms of political activism
  2. Do advocacy work by participating in European-level events (conferences, political forums etc)
  3. Build alliances with representatives of informal market workers (especially the most precarious and vulnerable)
  4. Build alliances with networks and organisations which promote migrants’ rights (especially the most vulnerable).
  5. Networking with the other European and global networks of sex workers; collaborating with these networks and in statements and campaigns (such as on Dec 17th).
  6. Continue our networking within the health sector.
  7. Engage and network with groups and organizations that work on human trafficking.