Final Reports are drawn up annually to monitor the activities and progress of the TAMPEP project. Here the final reports of project phases 1 to 7. These reports cover the period between 1994 – 2007.

TAMPEP VIII reports produced in 2009 with the support of the European Union, in the framework of the Public Health Programme.

Sex Work in Europe Mapping Report and Annexes

TAMPEP VII reports produced in 2007 with the support of the UNFPA (United Nation Population Fund) in the framework of the project Institutional Strengthening and Support for HIV Prevention Activities.

TAMPEP IV reports produced in 1999

TAMPEP III reports produced in 1997.

TAMPEP I reports produced in 1994.

Training Manuals

These training manuals have been developed by the TAMPEP network. You can download them below or see our Multilingual Information for Sex Workers site under Web Resources. More information about the TAMPEP methodology can be found here.

Information Brochures for Sex Workers

The TAMPEP Network produced a number of multilingual information borchures for sex workers in 2002. Originally available on CD the resources from the first edition of Multilanguage Information and Education Materials for Sexworkers are now available for download on this page. You can also find more translated resources for download on our web resource Multilanguage Information 4 Sex Workers (2006)

The resources you will find here have been developed by the TAMPEP Network to support health interventions with migrant sex workers.