In the second half of 2020, the TAMPEP network engaged in a strategic planning process with its core members in consultation with other European sex worker-led networks. Through this process, we concluded that alongside our continued advocacy work, our primary function in 2021 would be to facilitate the networking, exchange, and communication between migrant and mobile sex workers and their allies.

We decided to explore the possibility of creating a digital platform to engage with migrant and mobile sex workers and organisations led by them and their allies.

Consultation invitation

Our endeavor is based on the premise that information, community, and solidarity are key factors in reducing social vulnerability and improving well-being among migrant and mobile sex workers. While social media platforms and other digital tools opened new spaces for online engagement, these are not designed to be safe environments for the sex workers’ community. Members of our community may experience targeted violence and repression directed at them in mainstream online spaces. Information is often hard to trust, and there are no mechanisms to ensure data accuracy. Hence, migrant and mobile sex workers currently network in relatively unsafe online environments and lack relevant information to reduce their risks and improve their livelihoods.

On the digital platform we aim to develop, migrant and mobile sex workers in Europe will be able to:

  • access information about national policies and working conditions in each European country,
  • access information on health, social, and legal services available to them in each European country,
  • receive peer support and build community in a safe online environment,
  • network with their allies to promote their human and working rights.

This is a rather challenging task, and in implementing this digital platform, we would once again want to get the input of our community!

On Wednesday the 17th of February at 17.30 (CET), we organize an online consultation to discuss our plans, receive your feedback, and collect your ideas on what such an online platform could look like. A second consultation will take place on Wednesday the 24th of February at 17.30 (CET).

We want to invite sex workers active in TAMPEP member organisations and sex workers beyond our network to participate in these online meetings.

Both sessions will take place on ZOOM, they will last one hour and a half, and we aim at hosting about 10 participants in each session. Participants can use nicknames and opt to keep their camera off or participate by text. The working language will be English and, unfortunately, at this moment, we cannot facilitate another language. We are looking into the option of receiving written feedback in other languages too.

We would greatly appreciate your input and insight into this process! Please register through the following links. Registration is mandatory to attend a consultation, and you only need to provide a (nick)name and an email address for it. A consultation facilitator will shortly contact you.

To register for the online meeting taking place on the 17th of February at 17.30 CET, click here

To register for the online meeting taking place on the 24th of February at 17.30 CET, click here

Looking forward to discussing your thoughts, ideas, and concerns on the implementation of our digital platform!