Physical attacks, psychological violence, even murders, continue to afflict sex workers every day round the world, but no effective actions have been taken to prevent it. Violence against sex workers, especially of migrant sex workers, street-based and transgender, are commonplace.

Sex workers and allies across Europe demand the recognition of labour and migration rights as a way to combat stigma and violence against sex workers.

▪ Stigma and discrimination
▪ State violence
▪ Lack of security
▪ Criminalization by law
▪ Criminalization of clients
▪ Exclusion at decision forums

The violence, stigma and repression sex workers experience isolate them and increase their vulnerability. Sex workers are everywhere, yet no one sees them, except when they serve as pawns to be played in the public debate to justify repressive laws or actions to “protect” them.

Join us, listen to sex workers, stand up to demand an end of ALL forms of violence against sex workers!