On the 2nd of June 1975, sex workers in Lyon occupied the Church of St Nizier to protest police corruption and arrests. We now mark this day as International Sex Workers’ Day!

Thank you to all who contributed to this TAMPEP newsletter for the International Sex Workers’ Day, which highlights some of our activities throughout the year and regional migrant and mobile sex worker activities and struggles across Europe.

We launch this newsletter today in solidarity with all the sex worker led efforts globally to unite in our advocacy for all sex workers rights, including the rights of migrant sex workers. This is the first of a series of newsletters that will be produced to coincide with important dates in the sex workers’ rights movement calendar.

We are looking forward to seeing the activities of groups globally in marking this day as our day to celebrate each other; as workers who cross borders; as people of all genders; as organisers of such a vibrant, resilient and strong global community; and as the voices from the margins who have the right and ability, together, to challenge stigma and the violation of our rights!

Happy International Whores Day 2019!!

In Solidarity,

TAMPEP, the European Network for the Promotion of Rights and Health among Migrant Sex Workers