Red Umbrellas for Support Services for Sex Workers in Europe

TAMPEP is launching on March 3rd, the International Sex Workers’ Rights Day, an app aimed for migrants and refugees in Europe.

This is a day of extreme importance and significance in this difficult time we are going through. A day to reinforce that sex work is work, to stand against stigma and discrimination, and to show solidarity with migrants and refugees.

The GPP app functions

  • DocWallet | A secure place to store documents like IDs, medical records, diplomas, etc.
  • Services | A map with information on services providing social and medical assistance
  • Rights | A multimedia tool to denounce human rights violations and abuses.

All organisations mentioned are safe, non-discriminatory and offer anonymous services. The Red Umbrella icons on Google Map indicate where sex workers can get reliable support. For the moment, as a pilot project, it shows only services in 13 European countries.

How to access the TAMPEP/GPP app

The information and the images can be used for your dissemination through your social media.