Sex workers in the Netherlands demand equal treatment with other contact professions
Peepshow on wheels comes to The Hague

From 3 March, all contact professions are allowed to go back to work, with the exception of sex workers. Sex work is already being treated differently from the other contact…

Kuvassa voi olla tekstissä sanotaan March 2nd 15:00-18:00 ĐEN HAAG Hofpłaats SEX WORK WORK IS SEX WORK IS A CONTACT PROFESSION! We DEMAND To Be Treated Like പത്യുത്ത് Livestream via Instagram: @PeepShowHoes ALL Contact Professions! We Call Upon AII Sex Workers Allies To Come Protest With Us!Kuvassa voi olla vesistö ja tekstissä sanotaan STOP DISCRIMINATION AGAINST SEX WORKERS! PROTEST WITH US! STAND WITH SEX-WORKERS! THE HAGUE HOFPLAATS 15*T018H 2ND OF MARCH

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