Are you a sex worker-led organisation, group or network? Do you sign up to TAMPEP’s core values? Do you want to be part of a growing movement for the promotion and protection of the rights of migrant sex workers?

We have an exciting year ahead in TAMPEP, expanding our efforts to advocate for the rights of migrant sex workers and working with member groups to promote inclusion of migrant sex worker issues and support groups to document and highlight their amazing work in this area. Marking our Third year as an advocacy-focused network led by sex workers working in the intersecting areas of sex work, health and migration, we will be holding an election for Steering Committee Members in Spring 2020. The nominations and voting process will be outlined soon but for now TAMPEP are renewing our call for sex worker-led member groups, who will be a vital part of the voting process to ensure sex worker leadership (particularly those of us who are migrant).

If you choose to become a member of TAMPEP as a sex worker-led group, you will have voting rights in the upcoming election of the Steering Committee who guide the work of TAMPEP in consultation with members. You will also be signed up to receive network news, share advocacy moments and be part of joint strategising for the promotion of migrant sex workers rights. All you need to do is review and confirm you support the TAMPEP core values;

  • We recognise sex work as work, and support the self-determination of sex workers.
  • We call for equal protection and access to health, rights, and justice for all sex workers.
  • We commit to fighting stigma, discrimination, and violence.
  • We oppose the conflation of migration, trafficking, and sex work, as well as the use of trafficking laws against migrant and mobile sex workers.
  • We commit to the inclusion of migrant and mobile sex workers at all stages and levels of policy- and decision-making.
  • We oppose the criminalisation of migration, sex work, and health status, and recognise the harmful impact of repressive measures, laws, and policies on the human rights of all sex workers.
  • We recognise the diversity within sex work, and embrace all genders, sexualities, nationalities and abilities.

…then complete a short application form.

If we can support membership applications or answer any questions please contact: