TAMPEP, the European Network for the Promotion of Rights and Health among Migrant Sex Workers, is currently looking for a new Coordinator.


The position will be remunerated and freelance (an average of 35 hours per month, divided as needed).


TAMPEP was founded in 1993 in response to the needs of migrant sex workers across Europe, and has operated in 25 different countries and reached over 80 different nationalities throughout the years.

In 2017, TAMPEP was restructured into a migrant sex worker-led network that unites sex worker groups and allies in the fields of sex work, migration and health. The purpose of the network is to build stronger partnerships and to advocate for the rights and health of migrant and mobile sex workers at the European level.

For more information read the mission statement and terms of reference.

Europe-based sex workers are strongly encouraged to apply regardless of nationality or legal status. Experience living and/or working in more than one country is an asset. Mastery of English is required.

TAMPEP is strategically hosted by Pro-tukipiste, a service provider organisation based in Helsinki, Finland. The host organisation has been supporting sex workers, in particular migrant and mobile sex workers, for nearly three decades.

Please complete the application form. For security reasons, all private information is CONFIDENTIAL, including sex work and migration status.

DEADLINE for applications: 31 January 2019

Steering Committee of TAMPEP