‘Living Politics: Remembering HIV/AIDS Activism Tomorrow’  The EUROPACH Closing Ceremony
As a participant at the launch of EUROPACH, TAMPEP is getting a glimpse into the outcomes of the EUROPACH project which studied HIV/AIDS politics and activism in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and other countries. Given the long history of sex workers being involved in activism for HIV prevention and treatment, it is wonderful to see the involvement of sex worker led groups and networks in the findings, including an input from TAMPEP.  Project organisers are also inviting people to hand in any historical material that they would like to see included, such as interviews with activists or photograph collections from key activism moments.
There will be a whole HIV/AIDS archive available soon on the EUROPACH website and initial contents can be viewed via the archive website. One of the oral history interviews was done with one of the TAMPEP founders, Licia Brussa!