In the Official side event during Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU, TAMPEP joined other key population networks, advocates and activists in sharing a presentation no the rights and heath of migrant sex workers in Europe. The topic of the Seminar was ‘Could a Wellbeing Economy give way to achieve a sustainable response to HIV, AIDS and co-infection?’ and ‘Is it possible to achieve the fundamental goals of sustainable wellbeing with dignity and fairness for all humans?’

The summary of all key speakers and presentations is attached, including the key points of TAMPEP:

• Structural Inequalities drive migration from origin to destination country

• People escape punitive laws, stigma and discrimination

• People migrate to pursue higher incomes and better living conditions, including sex workers

• Call for equal protection and access to health, rights and justice for all sex workers

• Commitment to fight stigma, discrimination and violence

• Decriminalize and recognise sex work as work

• Responses to trafficking not to be used to impose border controls and regulation of migrant sex workers

We must ensure in a wellbeing economy that the needs and rights of migrant sex workers are not overlooked and that migrant sex workers have access to fundamental health and social services, information, legal aid. This can be done best in working to empower existing and newly forming sex workers communities.