Kuvassa voi olla tekstissä sanotaan TAMPEP launches video with testimonials of migrant sex workers migran for sex workers rights AME? CAMPAIGN INTERNATIONAL DAY TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST 17,2021 2021 2021 SEX WORKERS December December 17,” />

To mark the International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers, December 17th, TAMPEP aims to continue the campaign Europe has forgotten the Human Rights of Migrant Sex Workers.

TAMPEP is launching a video and a booklet with migrant sex workers voices regarding the covid-19 period, their demands for rights and the improvement of their working conditions.

TAMPEP is calling for action. We ask allies who support the fundamental rights of all persons to stand up for migrant Sex Workers in Europe too.

By disseminating the video, the booklet and TAMPEP’s Declaration, you are empowering migrant sex workers and giving them space to call for their rights.

Check out the new youtube channel and video featuring the voices of Sex Workers across Europe!


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